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Pattie's Best Deal 

Pattie's Best Deal, Dawn’s first novel in a series of four romantic legal thrillers, is set in Lower Manhattan in 2003. It follows the life of Pattie Anwald, a young pu​blic defender at the start of her career. Pattie means well and she has a good heart, but her crushing New York lifestyle eventually takes its toll on her. When a client vanishes and a mysterious adversary terrorizes her, her life spirals out of control. 

It Can't Rain This Hard Forever 

In case you’re wondering about what happened to that quirky but good hearted young Legal Aid lawyer, Pattie Anwald, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever comes along to answer yo​ur question. Picking up right where Pattie’s Best Deal, left off, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, transports you back to Pattie’s world to continue her extraordinary story. Drawing on the strength she developed during her time practicing law, Pattie demonstrates remarkable resilience in the face of endless insurmountable obstacles. Pattie’s refusal to compromise her integrity is an astonishing celebration of the liberating power of courage. And reading it just restores your faith in humanity.

It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, will be available for sale on July 12th. And it is currently available for pre-sale.

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