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Dawn’s Unofficial Biography (in a Nutshell)

Dawn Dittmar is a contemporary American crime novelist. A lawyer by profession, Dawn is the author of Pattie’s Best Deal and its sequel, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, which will be released in July of 2022. Dawn retired from the Law in order to pursue a life filled with “Creative Enchantments.” 

She has appeared on radio and television shows throughout the tri state area.

She lives on the Jersey Shore. When she is not writing, teaching, working with clients or meditating, you might find her relaxing on the beach or by her pool, (with a good book in hand, of course). And no matter where she may be, if you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear her lapse into legalese when she feels the need to help someone fight injustice.

Dawn is grateful for her creative pursuits and she views writing as an important sanctuary in the middle of each day. She believes tapping into her creativity gives a higher purpose to her life. 

Feel free to contact Dawn with your thoughts, comments and questions.  

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