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The Reverend Dawn Dittmar is a Retired Lawyer, Professional Astrological Consultant, Information Provider, Spiritual Intuitive Advisor, Traditional Usui and Tibetan Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker, a Certified Evidential Medium and yes…even an Ordained Interfaith Minister. As an experienced and gifted ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTANT and CARD reader, Dawn has a positive way of conveying what she perceives. She delivers her insights, analyses and specific responses in realistic, structured and heart centered readings and often with a generous sprinkling of humor. Hers is a down to earth, non-judgmental style that most people can easily relate to. By the extensive wisdom she gained from practicing law for many years, along with her strong background in Metaphysics, Dawn is able to receive wisdom, perceptions and visions from both the left and the right sides of her brain.  

Dawn is also an author! Dawn’s first novel, Pattie’s Best Deal, was published in 2017 and its sequel It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, came out in July of 2022. And she hopes these books inspire you. Following a philosophy that "nothing we experience in life happens without our full consent,” Dawn’s mix of candor and wit enables her to keep her attitude both fun and positive!




Having grown up in a spiritual household, Dawn was exposed to Astrology, various types of card readings and a wide variety of other Esoteric Arts by the age of nine. And ever since that time, she has looked to the stars and brought her intuition with her wherever she goes. 




Dawn is able to take a unique approach in partnering with you on your journey to Inner Transformation. She taps into Divine Guidance and receives extremely accurate, structured and specific responses that quell concerns and provide gentle encouragement, so you can understand what's going on with any issue and gain personalized, custom insight into what the future may hold for you. Dawn can explore the patterns and life cycles that create both drawbacks and opportunities. That is why sessions with Dawn can be a hugely beneficial tool for enabling you to understand your basic nature as well as what's going on with your love life, career and health so you may ultimately live your best life.




Dawn offers many services. Ideally, when working with you privately, your program begins with an Introductory FIRST SESSION, where you and Dawn will sit together. Based on your mutual assessment, you and Dawn will determine which techniques will ultimately prove to be your most practical tools and from there, you and she will design a personal program around them. In most cases, depending on your needs, Dawn will ask for your birth information so she can construct a State of the Art Map of the Planets at the time and place of your birth. This is called a Natal Chart or “HOROSCOPE”. This chart will provide a keen analysis on any blocks you might have, even ones that you might not be consciously aware of. Once these blocks are healed you are in a position to reclaim your true authenticity and shine your light! You can choose to dedicate one of your sessions to a basic reading and detailed analysis of any seriously challenging issues Dawn sees in your Natal Chart and use the chart as a tool to assess your needs for other types of healing modalities. Dawn can help you to understand your basic nature, discover your Life Path and understand the patterns and life cycles that create drawbacks and opportunities. Or you can just allow her to use the information to help her see the kinds of issues you might need to address.





Astrology is actually the oldest scientific method of reading and studying the position and movement of the planets, stars and other celestial bodies in order to gauge their impact on human behavior. “As above, so below.”  It is done for the purpose of analyzing the past, present and future in order to find solutions to the problems in our lives. And while Astrology is said to be a science, it’s also an art form. In any case, whichever way you view it, Astrology will show you just how powerful and connected we all are to the rest of The Universe! Our Love Life”, “Our Health”, “Our Finances,” and “Improved Parenting” are two examples of issues we can improve by using Astrology.




If you provide Dawn with your correct birth information, she can craft an accurate natal chart which will give you an understanding of the lens through which you view and process the world and thus how you interact with it. Explore the Universe as it pertains to your UNIQUE chart.




This tells us what’s happening in the sky and how it affects us on a personal level, including transits, progressions and solar returns.


SYNASTRY Compatibility (of personal and professional relationships)

Dawn can cast your astrological chart in order to determine your romantic or partner compatibility. 



Because Dawn understands what’s happening in the heavens, she is able to invoke cosmic energy in order to forecast auspicious times for scheduling your own endeavors such as choosing a wedding date or launching your business and also healing your problems. She will actually use those energies when setting up your sessions. Dawn can even cast your astrological chart in conjunction with the phases and transits of the moon through your astrological sign and house, along with other astrological aspects in order to determine the best dates for your medical and surgical procedures.


LOCATIONAL ASTROLOGY (also known as Astrocartography).

Dawn can cast your astrological chart in order to help you ascertain the most advantageous geographical areas for your life, love, and business.



Dawn can cast the charts of babies and children, which can be valuable in helping young people determine what would be their best job or best majors. Dawn can even cast the charts of your pets .


CORPORATE SERVICES- ASTROLOGY FOR HIRING in order to create the most advantageous team




Divination  is a way to illuminate and clarify where our life path is taking us. Dawn is utterly obsessed with ancient divination systems for the modern mystic. That is why she utilizes the power of The Ancient Celtic Wisdom of Avalon, The Tarot, Astrology and much, much more, to invoke Cosmic energies and guidance from the Universe to get you started on your healing journey and shed illumination and clarity to help you make decisions that resolve your problems and serve your Highest Purpose.




Dawn has been reading the Tarot since she was seventeen years old. The Tarot is a great tool for lifting the veil and navigating our “three dimensional world”, as well as guiding us to envision the unknowns behind the curtain. Dawn’s predictions have an uncanny accuracy but it's her spot on insight that screams “THIS IS YOUR WAKE-UP CALL!”




Dawn may also call in guidance from the Universe via Avalon, Oracle or Angel Cards.


What can REIKI do for you?


Due to the complexities of life, negative “learned” behaviours, stored trauma and life challenges, we pick up the positive AND negative energies of others, often without realizing it. When THAT happens, our bodies can become filled with negative energies and streams of toxic emotions such as depression, anger, sadness and fear. These “negative vibes” flow throughout our bodies until they eventually get stuck. That’s when they create toxic blockages. As these blockages accumulate over time, the flow of energy within our bodies becomes stifled and the build-ups that remain stuck there cause dis-eases on the physical and emotional level that prevent us from moving forward and succeeding with our goals and dreams. For those marooned in depression or stress, these are the tell-tale signs of negative energy hovering in your life:

Reiki is an extremely easy, yet extraordinarily powerful and highly effective Japanese healing and stress reduction modality. Reiki works by subtly changing the flow of energy through and within the body. As astounding as it might seem, this spiritual energy is a form of spiritual healing that can work wonders in terms of transforming any individual who is ready to give it a chance. As Dawn works with you, you lie fully clothed, while Dawn’s light hand placement techniques gently guide you into a state of deep relaxation and ignite the immune system. Reiki is an effective remedy for pacifying and resolving almost any problem and it is a great asset when used as an integral part of one’s overall wellness program. Reiki promotes health and restores our balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.



Essentially, the electromagnetic field (or aura) around our body, as well as the space around us, becomes blocked with harmful positive ions that can make us feel fatigued. Reiki treatments bring the body back into equilibrium, relieving physical ailments, aches, pain, chronic migraines and other types of headaches, as well as fatigue. From there, Reiki can then go on to strengthen your overall health. Dawn’s treatments will support and guide those who face illness from serious health related disorders. As Dawn guides you through the relaxation, you can begin to recuperate, balance your hormones, improve your immune function, restore wellness and let go of pain in the muscles and other tissues which your body may have been "holding onto" for yearss.

ON THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL, Reiki is becoming an increasingly more popular healing modality, as people explore complements to mainstream treatments, because it treats the root emotional causation, rather than relying on pharmaceutical drugs that are addictive and frequently only “put a bandaid” on problems. A session with Dawn can help people who are experiencing negative energies around them. As the Reiki moves in to clear the stagnant energy; stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues can all be improved. Then the Reiki energy will fill the vacuum where the stress was, with immense positive energy that will flow through you and out into your life. Reiki not only integrates your healing process, it can help you feel that the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. Reiki can assist you in achieving your dreams, as well as induce happiness and unlimited joy. Reiki opens and heals your heart, creating a sense of well-being and calmness.

ON THE MENTAL LEVEL, the body often stores traumatic memories and thought patterns, which create depression. This depression needs to be processed and set free. Insomnia, stress, financial problems, business issues, legal disputes and property problems can all be healed. Once this healing takes effect, people start to receive amazing job offers and financial problems start to dissolve. The practice of Reiki grounds you and quiets your mind. Once your body and mind are relaxed, you can release tension, quell anxiety and become more focused. As a result, you can think more clearly and gain deeper insights in order to live a better life.

ON THE SPIRITUAL LEVEL, Reiki sessions can open your chakras and create peace inside your body. Reiki aids personal and spiritual growth. After only a few sessions, people feel a spiritual healing. Dawn uses Reiki to guide you through amazing adventures you may have never believed could be  possible. Reiki helps you to gain a better understanding of who you are and your unique place in the Divine Order. Reiki centers you with your Higher Power and opens your soul to receiving the abundant energy from the Cosmos.




The world is moving at a fast pace and people are also getting increasingly more aggressive as they race to survive in this grab and growl society. Sadly, clashes of egos, envy, jealousy and the harbouring of negative feelings for colleagues, relatives and neighbours is becoming a common practice. This may affect our businesses and emotions. We may even end up as the victim of negative thought forms. And without understanding their ill effects, we may be left wondering about the sudden negative turn of events in our lives. Advanced Reiki and Psychic Surgery can immediately annul all of this.


ON THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL, traumatic life events leave a person feeling powerless as parts of one’s very soul splinter off. Intrusive blocks that disempower a person, trapped energies and stagnant emotions which no longer serve us are released from our bodies. These areas are then "filled" with Reiki. Through Soul Retrieval, splintered off soul parts are integrated back into us, restoring a sense of "wholeness" to us.


ON THE MENTAL LEVEL, thought forms are removed. Stress is lifted.


ON THE SPIRITUAL LEVEL, Advanced Reiki, Psychic Surgery, Extraction,  Cord Cutting and Healing Techniques involve an array of steps to cleanse our auras and immediately help lift our spirits. Negative spiritual attachments, implants and thought forms are removed by way of these methods. They are then replaced with a protective energies.


Since Reiki is all natural, there are no drugs, teas, pills or substances involved in these sessions. However, with your consent, Dawn can add White Sage, Aromatherapy and Crystals to many of your treatments.

For millennia, Native Americans, Romans and others have employed the ancient technique of smudging with the sacred herb of White Sage because they knew it worked to transmute negative energy into positive energy– and fortunately, this same herb is still readily available to us today. Smudging is the burning of White Sage, Palo Santo and even Frankincense to assist with cleansing and purifying the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Sage in the plant world is known by the name salvia, which in Latin means ‘healthy’ or ‘to heal’. Once burned, the smoke from a ‘smudge stick’ absorbs and dispels negativity, cleansing our energy field and also our environment.

What's so powerful about SAGE? It's a very effective purifier, for one thing. And there is said to be a spirit connected with the herb itself, which is actually doing the cleansing.

Scientific studies show on the physical level, white sage is a powerful antiseptic which decreases the level of harmful bacteria by approximately 94%. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties repel the kind of airborne pathogens that cause viruses and disease, so burning it is therefore beneficial for people who are affected by poor air quality, particularly those suffering from respiratory and lung problems, headaches, asthma and common colds.


On the mental level, burning white sage regularly maintains and even boosts mental clarity. It increases our memory, mindfulness and awareness and it promotes relaxation.

On the emotional level, white sage lifts our moods, especially after illnesses and extreme bouts of depression.

Palo Santo is a type of fragrant wood that's native to South America. It is believed to be a vigorous energy cleanser and it can be burned as incense.


AROMATHERAPY Dawn, with the consent of the client, can also add pure, safe and beneficial aromatherapy as a complement to any of her treatments and services. Additionally, Dawn can show you how to incorporate aromatherapy into your own lifestyle in order to achieve the vibrant results you have been searching for! Aromatherapy is a holistic complementary healing treatment that therapeutically uses natural, highly concentrated, pure aromatic plant extracts called essential oils to soothe, promote and enhance the wellbeing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. These essential oils have been extracted from herbs, flowers, and other plants and then distilled. Each essential oil has its own distinct healing properties. Dawn often custom blends these oils for a mixture, in order to achieve different effects. These oils may be inhaled or applied topically, depending on the situation. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries. It can provide a reset for your mind as well as raise your vibrational frequency.


CRYSTALS Dawn, with the consent of the client, can also add crystals to any of her other services. Crystals are gifts from the earth that carry various beneficial vibrational properties. Each crystal has different healing properties. When placed strategically, their energy can raise your spiritual vibrational frequency.

The Raindrop Technique brings the power of seven pure, therapeutic immune enhancing, anti-inflammatory essential oils onto specific points on the soles of the feet and along the spine. Next, Dawn gently applies hot towels to aid the absorption of these potent oils into the pores, which enables them to penetrate cell membranes instantly and diffuse through the blood and tissues immediately thereafter.

The benefits of this technique, on the physical level, is that the sequence and combination of these essential oils support the body’s structural and electrical alignment and the body's natural defenses. This technique can stimulate the correction and proper function of the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous and other bodily systems. Because these oils have an antiseptic quality, they create an unfavorable environment for harmful viruses and bacteria that can hibernate in the body. These oils have also been found to alleviate soreness and misalignment of the back, neck and shoulders. Their analgesic ingredients help reduce chronic pain and discomfort. The best benefit of all is that a Raindrop Session has the ability to initiate healing processes that will endure for weeks. Due to their oxygenating properties, these oils are all beneficial in stimulating, boosting and increasing circulation. They cleanse cellular receptor sites, enhance the lymphatic system and thereby support the immune system.

The benefits of The Raindrop Technique go well beyond the physical level. Dawn has seen great healing on the emotional level through this process. She has seen people become free of the baggage that prevents them from having total wellness and abundance. Within seconds, the oils also cross the brain-blood barrier and effect the limbic system that controls mood, behavior and emotions. The oils used are high in antioxidants and are also mood stabilizers. And there is another dimension to the technique which leads to even more profound healing. Because emotions are made of energy, it is possible to identify and release negative stored energy sources. Dawn will work to gently to assist in the process of releasing these negative emotions. Dawn has learned that the majority of physical ailments people experience actually originate as emotional trauma and muscles that are fatigued, sore or spastic will relax as a result of the Raindrop Technique. In addition, this technique is also known to help with relieving and gently releasing buried emotions, thereby restoring emotional well-being.


The essential oils used in the Raindrop Technique also have a normalizing effect on the nervous system, making them ideal for reducing stress, anxiety and tension on the MENTAL LEVEL.

With the consent of the client, Dawn invokes the loving energy of the Holy Spirit to lead each raindrop session in order to address issues on the spiritual level, via constant prayer throughout the session.

No matter which services Dawn performs in her practice, she will help you gain insight into the wisdom behind your motives so you can understand the momentum your attention on your goals creates. 



Have you ever felt like your house might be holding onto some bad energy? Just as with our bodies, negative energies can build up over time in our homes.  Free your home from negative energies and enjoy your home life as it should be lived!  HOUSE BLESSINGS AND CLEARINGS are important spiritual rituals designed to clear our sacred space of negative energy and provide a sense of calm to our surroundings. Our home is where we retreat from the outside world in order to replenish our souls. Therefore, our home should be the one place where we feel safe and secure. However, if every time we return home and open the door, we feel as though we’re practically swimming in a pool of bad energy, we need to cleanse the space.

It’s one thing to clear our homes of physical clutter, but what about energetic clutter? Everything is energy. Good moods, bad moods, addictions, words, thoughts and feelings all create energy. Every time we encounter another person-- including our families, friends and visitors, we exchange energies. If they’re angry and we’re empathetic, we pick up these energies and then bring them back home with us to clutter up our space. Others often enter into our space and unwittingly leave their negativity there. Angry thoughts and words, often called thought forms lead to fear, depression, and other so called negative emotions remaining in the room where they were expressed. This is why we can walk into a room where an argument has just occurred and literally feel the tension in the air. After personal difficulties, an illness, an extreme bout of depression; a buildup of upsetting energy occurs in our home. Depending on the way we choose to live our daily lives, we can sometimes fill a home with negative energies that make us irritable and even cause us to quarrel with others. Conversely, when we move into a new home, only to find it’s been a breeding ground for negative and harmful emotional energies from its previous owners, we need someone to step in, assist with a deep cleanse and blessing to help restore positive energy. A cleansing can also be performed at poignant moments in a person’s life.

First things first, however. Form follows thought, so before we do anything else we want to set a specific, intention for our home. What do we want to be released from our space? How do we want our home to feel? How do WE want to feel while we are in our home? Do we want to feel focused and productive? Peaceful? We speak our intention out loud to set the shifts in motion. We clean and declutter our house by putting things away or disposing of them and making sure we clean every corner. Then Dawn will perform the cleansing session.

The process involves applying Reiki to each room, praying when necessary, to aid the removal of stagnant energy from the space and to protect the home from negativity. Finally, Dawn will bring in positive energies to fill the space and bless it.

The bottom line? Whether it be for a special occasion or just for a weekly cleaning, make energetically cleansing of our home a regular part of our routine and within a short time, we will feel lighter, brighter, and better able to take inspired action in our lives.

Even those not acquainted with magic have likely heard of "saging" a home. The smoke from a sacred “smudge stick” is burned in order to attach to the negative energy in the air which is often trapped in corners and amongst clutter. Negative energy sticks to everything, so de-cluttering shelves, cupboards, drawers and basements, etc. helps too.

Then, as the negative energy dissipates, the sage cleanses, absorbs, neutralises and dispels any sluggish negative energy in our environment, thereby transmuting it into positive energy. White sage is very gentle, so it doesn’t leave a strong smell and it’s extremely rare for its smoke to set off fire alarms. It is a good idea, though, to open windows during or just after the cleansing, in order to ensure there is no lingering negative energy.


Signs of bad energy in our homes are quite easy to detect. First and foremost, ask yourself how you feel while you are inside your home. A house filled with good energy feels fresh and vibrant. It’s full of life and we feel good being there. Some may even say the space has good Ki. On the other end of the spectrum, a home drowning in bad energy will make us feel as if we’re being stifled, smothered or even crushed. The tension in the air is palpable and there are actually a thousand other places we’d rather be. The term “cut the tension with a knife” during an argument or when someone is in a terrible mood is true – and it causes the air to become stale. House cleansing reverses this, purifying and cleansing the atmosphere. Negative energy and stress go hand-in-hand, so if we’re constantly frazzled, burned out or at the end of our rope, our home could be partly to blame.


If we’re not sure whether our home has bad energy of its own, check out this list for some red flags:


Excessive complaining. If we or our family members catch ourselves complaining, even when things are okay, we may have negative energy in our home. The same holds true if we’re struggling to find positivity in life.


Negative relationships. When the people around us – our spouses, children, family and friends are negative, it’s worth taking a look at the kind of energy we’re putting out into the world. Negative energy attracts more negative energy and it becomes a vicious cycle.


The blame game. If household members are always pointing the finger of blame at one another, negative energy in the home could be preventing them from looking inward and placing responsibility where it really belongs.


Criticism. If there’s a lot of criticism going on in addition to all the blame, our home could be swamped with bad energy. When household members send out negative vibrations, that adds to the problem.


Clutter. One of the biggest signs of negative energy in a home is clutter. Clutter blocks energy from flowing through a home, so it could be keeping bad energy stuck there, which only makes matters worse.


PHYSICAL There are medical benefits to the tradition of space cleansings. Buildings store stagnant energies, as do human bodies. Cleansings clear this negative energy, healing and restoring balance, thereby benefiting the health and wellbeing of its occupants. After all, the more relaxed and balanced we are, the healthier our bodies will be in the long run. Regular energy cleansings are vital for our health and wellbeing.


MENTAL Space cleansings provide a sense of calmness and positivity that is similar to meditation. They promote mental clarity, enhance concentration and boost creativity.

When is it important to do a house clearing? There is never actually a bad time, but here are some particularly great times:


For those seeking to invite positive energy into their home for the New Year or any time, Dawn recommends a House cleansing to rid your home of bad vibes and “stagnant energy” left over from the previous year.


If you are trying to sell your home, a house cleansing works. Dawn has cleansed houses that have been stuck on the real estate market for months. A cleanse often creates such a warm, welcoming feeling for prospective buyers that the houses sell really quickly.

Getting ready to BUY a new home? Often homes that are on the market see a lot of traffic and have been through a tremendous amount of turmoil. The negative energy resulting from this can build up and linger in a home. Why not start afresh and clear it away BEFORE you even move in?

Whenever the occupants in a home change or if someone on the property is having problems sleeping or even when one of the occupants feels ‘stuck’, a house clearing can remove the negative energies and improve the quality of life.

When we're in a funk or having a bad day, negative energy in our homes may actually be feeding into those feelings.

If we were recently sick, the stress of a malady carries negative energy into the space around us.

Clearing after grieving a breakup or loss can help us to process our emotions and move forward.

After arguing with our partner: We each “said some things.” Now that the disagreement is over, it's a good idea to clear the air—literally.

Clearing out the old space during any major life transition (eg. new job, new partnership, or the arrival of pets or babies) creates space for the new energy these changes bring.

If we want to improve our life, but we haven’t made progress, it might be time to question whether our home is what’s keeping us stuck in the past.


When a member of the household is experiencing stress at work.



Getting into the habit of removing the negative, chaotic energy that surrounds us can make our spaces feel lighter, brighter, and more creative. To keep the positive vibes flowing in our space, we must always emphasize keeping balance and harmony in our homes. Negative energy can seep into our house over time, so it’s okay to clear it whenever we feel like doing so. In fact, removing negative energies throughout our home should be an ongoing practice. It’s important to be aware of the energy in our home – good or bad. If we notice a negative shift in the energy as time goes on, we must consider clearing our house again. After all, our homes should bring us joy and positivity. Space clearings are just as important as normal house cleaning and organization.


What to do now that we’ve finished house cleansing and removing negative energies from our home, IS… to focus on attracting positive energy to our space. In all of the ceremonies, Dawn works with you to help you focus your intentions on whatever it is you are celebrating or desiring to accomplish or release.



Psychic Cleansing of a Property is a serious process. It facilitates the removal of spirit energies; it clears stuck psychometric energies, cleanses the space of negativity and then blesses it. This process begins with a home visitation where Dawn makes a "diagnosis". The House clearing work is then initiated to remove any negative entities and/or energies. Then follow up work may be done. The process of clearing bad energy from our home will help us manifest positive energy.


Professional Business or Office Cleansing, is a spiritual ritual designed to clear negative energy and provide a sense of calm to our work surroundings. This may sound a bit hocus pocus, but it isn’t. The truth is, our places of business are exposed to a lot of stress and frustration and as a result, they can become just as overloaded with negative and harmful energies as our bodies and homes can. Often this negativity can stick around long after the day’s work is done, waiting to greet us and our customers first thing the next morning. And when these negative energies settle in, they can make us sick. A cleansing is an important spiritual ritual that can be performed at poignant moments such as, moving into a new work space or starting afresh with a new project or adventure. Regular energy clearings can restore harmony to the office and make for a much more productive work environment.


Office ceremonies can be customized for any occasion, large or small, individual or group.




Dawn has officially been ordained as an Interfaith Minister and she is proud to include “Reverend” in front of her name. As a result, she can provide a full range of ministerial services to meet the needs of those in the community who request them, including officiating at your Wedding, Baptisms, Celebrations of Life, Funerals, Handfastings, Renewals of Marriage Vows and other life celebrations found in traditional faith organizations. Dawn’s Ministry is a Ministry of Love and Service. As a result, Dawn is sought for ministerial services in areas that include palliative and hospice care, hospitals and prisons. She is also available for ministerial services to sports teams, think tanks and corporations and she can be available to you and your employees on a regular basis. Dawn is someone with whom most people feel comfortable. She is supportive of and encouraging to all Twelve Step Recovery Programs.


MEDIUMSHIP and PSYCHOPOMP SERVICES. As a Certified Medium, Dawn’s function is to reconnect the living with the dead. As a psychopomp, Dawn’s function is to act as a guide to help escort newly departed souls as well as “stuck” souls to cross over to the Light. Dawn can also serve as a guide through the various transitions of life, including  being physically present during the dying process as the person is transitioning in order to ensure that the soul finds its way to the light.


Dawn is so enthusiastic about all the fabulous things she has learned over the course of her life, that she is motivated to share them with you! Dawn has been teaching, in one form or another, for most of her life, so she has developed a knack for expressing even the most complicated topics and presenting them in terms anyone of any age group can understand. Dawn’s greatest joy is teaching people that they can have a direct and personal dialogue with the Universe in order to create their best lives.
Dawn gives Astrological Workshops and teaches individuals, groups and corporate teams throughout New Jersey how to use the power of Astrology to manage their lives and make decisions that serve their highest purpose. .
Dawn also helps people learn how to meditate through Guided Individual and Group Meditations. Meditation is the art of connecting with the Divine through breath, repetitive sound and/or guided visualizations. Meditation is essential to the peace and well-being of every soul. Dawn will sit with you, create and hold a space where you can feel safe and free to express yourself. Unlike many other means of achieving an altered state of consciousness, meditation is completely natural.

ON THE PHYSICAL LEVEL, the prescribed way of breathing increases oxygen in our system and stimulates the production of certain elements, already present in every human body.


ON THE MENTAL LEVEL, Dawn will teach you to allow your conscious mind to take a break so you can relax, focus on opening up to the inspiration that is always being sent your way and ultimately help you alter your view of reality for the better.

On the SPIRITUAL LEVEL, YOU will go within to cultivate the connection of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit so in order to open your heart to your divine center and gain insight into other "dimensions”. Just like in your dreams, time will have little or no meaning. You may encounter people who have passed on or you might even visit a past life of your own. Many people who have experienced this kind of session have reported seeing themselves as totally and utterly connected to The Universe.


Dawn also teaches Reiki One, Reiki Two, Advanced Reiki (Three) and the Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master Levels The Tarot, Creative Writing and Aromatherapy.



Dawn is available for Spiritual Festivals, Celebrations, Parties, Rituals and Mentoring




The Transformation Game is not your typical board game! It is a joyful consultation tool that can change your life! Developed over forty years ago at the internationally renowned spiritual community and mystery school in Scotland called The Findhorn Foundation, The Transformation Game will help you discover more about yourself. It's all about looking at your life. And as you do, the game will mirror your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It will also provide amazing feedback on the issues that concern you and it will reflect a clear picture of options as well as a key to understanding and transforming the way you play the “Game of Life”. Connect with good friends who are willing to discover their potential and move forward in life. Treat yourself to an instructive and rewarding experience as this uncanny game illuminates your path to wholeness.


LITERARY SERVICES Communication is another of Dawn’s passions, whether it be oral communication in a one on one conversation, public speaking or WRITING. So, in addition to Dawn’s other consulting services, Dawn offers freelance writing and even ghost writing.


In addition to writing, Dawn also teaches you to harness the power of your own imagination!


Channel your emotions and elevate your life with the kind of attitude and energy you put forth. Feel free to reach out to Dawn at 732-642 0396 to SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATIOn  AND let her help you accomplish that with her state of the art services. Dawn hopes everything she offers will inspire you to keep asking questions and listening for Spirit’s reply.




 The Cost for Dawn’s services is as follows:


$40 for half an hour

$80 for an hour

$120 for 1 1/2 hours,

$160 for 2 hours


The Cost for a Psychic House OR OFFICE Clearing is $380 plus travel costs. It can take anywhere from one and a half to 10 hours, depending upon the size of the property, the rooms contained within, the location and the amount of stagnant energies present.


Dawn currently resides on the beautiful Jersey shore, but can travel to your location for parties and events and she also offers online presentations.


With love and blessings!

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