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Dawn's Upcoming Events


Sunday, November 20th from 11 am to 7 pm.

Contact me for exact location.


Reiki TWO Starting November 15th. It runs for four classes.

Advanced Reiki (Reiki Three) If you have completed Reiki Two with me and you would like to move onto Advanced Reiki OR if you would like information on ANY of my classes, please contact me. I look forward to seeing you! Thank you so much!

Apprenticeship to Authordom

November 19th 2 hour seminar 2-4 pm

Did you ever think about this interesting question? What mystery in your own life could be a plot for a book? High quality prose can turn an ordinary mystery into an elaborate, fascinating tale. A mystery's core plot revolves around solving a specific crime or string of crimes, mostly (but not always) involving murder. The central character treats the crime like a serious puzzle that must be solved and he or she begins to put the pieces together. It’s more than just a brain teaser. Since it is said that mysteries are the hardest types of novels to write, perhaps you don’t want to start your writing journey with a mystery. Perhaps you’d prefer to write a memoir, an adventure story or something else entirely. All fiction writing involves constructing three dimensional characters and a three dimensional world where the characters all live and interact. If you don’t want to use something from your own life, you can do what many writers do, get compelling plot ideas from current events, historical texts or even documentaries. Those are just SOME ideas.Dawn will be offering even MORE ideas during the writing seminar sheI will be teaching on November 19th. It will segue into a publishing seminar in January.

Book Dawn for an Event

If you are interested in  engaging Dawn for her services or booking her for an event, please contact her!

Dawn Dittmar - 732-642 0396

P. O. Box 583

Spring Lake, NJ 07762


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