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  • In case you’re wondering about what happened to that quirky but good hearted young Legal Aid lawyer, Pattie Anwald, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever comes along to answer yo​ur question. Picking up right where Pattie’s Best Deal, left off, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, transports you back to Pattie’s world to continue her extraordinary story. Drawing on the strength she developed during her time practicing law, Pattie demonstrates remarkable resilience in the face of endless insurmountable obstacles. Pattie’s refusal to compromise her integrity is an astonishing celebration of the liberating power of courage. And reading it just restores your faith in humanity.
  • It Can't Rain This Hard Forever, is  now available for sale where ever books are sold! 


People have commented that they wanted me to give a longer, more detailed version of what's in It Can't Rain This Hard Forever, so here goes: 

 “Just Live Love”

It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, by Dawn Dittmar,, Sunshine Publishing (9780998789736 ISBN perfect bound and 9780998789729 epub), the second novel in a series of four exciting romantic legal thrillers, continues to follow the life of Pattie Anwald, an attractive, young, urban lawyer. Haunted by a crushing New York City lifestyle, things quickly propel her into the depths of despair when she is charged with murdering one of her clients, Leland LeRoux. The tension builds as Leland’s best friend Willie Hudson, a predatory sociopath, comes out of hiding in order to dog Pattie’s steps and terrorize her. Another adult crime novel with one action packed plot twist after another, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats, biting their nails in anxiety. Set against the backdrop of New York City and Westchester County at the turn of the twenty first century, Pattie not only worries about keeping her integrity and her romance alive with her charming boyfriend, Jordan, she is now faced with keeping her sanity as well as her very life. This unique, narrative fiction thriller with its surprise ending is a treat for the imagination.

Dawn Dittmar, a retired lawyer weaves an action packed tale that contains romance, horror, mystery and realistic courtroom drama. From cover to cover, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever confronts violence and deep visceral pain with adult directness, as her characters face the nitty gritty of prison life with adult directness. The therapeutic quality of healing truisms mixed with moments of humor mesmerize the reader with questions about how everything will turn out.

Will Jordan continue to stand by Pattie’s side or will everything become too overwhelming for him? And what about Pattie’s best friend Ryan Pilgrim? He, her henpecked, brow beaten father Chet and her beleaguered brother Lou are all involved in Law Enforcement. How do they react to having a “criminal” in their midst? And how can her middle aged, alcoholic mother, Edie, support her, while she is so engaged battling demons of her own?

The intriguing cover, which draws the reader in, is the beautiful artwork of Michelle Argyle of Melissa Williams Design.

If you are a fan of Adult Crime Drama, this breathtaking sequel, It Can’t Rain This Hard Forever, is a must read. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the gift of this wonderful literary adventure today.

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