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Dawn Ditt​mar's Official Website 

Lawyer, Author, Information Provider, Reiki Master Teacher, Astrological Consultant, Public Speaker and Founder of Creative Enchantments

Welcome to Dawn's Website. Thank you for visiting.  We hope you enjoy it!  Whatever brought you HERE, we're glad you made it. Maybe you will relax and explore this website for the next hour or so. Maybe you will visit every week….OR…maybe this will be your first and last visit. But wherever your journey takes you from here, here are a few final words that Dawn would like to tuck into your heart before you go:

You are reading this for a reason.

You are loved.

Since we are all Spiritual Beings, connected to all things, visible and invisible, temporal and eternal, whenever you need to be heard, you are not alone. In good times, in desperate times, when things feel foggy, frightening, confusing, strange and uncharted, Your HIGHER POWER IS ALWAYS listening. Your HIGHER POWER WANTS to have a conversation with you. IF you ask for guidance, YOUR HIGHER POWER WILL provide it. (But you have to ask.) The answer may not be instantaneous, nor will it necessarily arrive in the form you expect. For that matter, it may not even be the exact answer you were hoping to hear. But you are NEVER alone and you never get ignored. 

.Please take a second and fill out the information on the "contact page" so you can sign up for "CREATIVE ENCHANTMENTS", Dawn's free Ezine! Or stay in touch by chatting directly with her on Facebook. Thank you.

Everything  contained within this website is copyrighted as of 2022. (All rights reserved)

"Pattie's Best Deal"

"It Can't Rain This Hard Forever"

The Sequel to "Pattie's Best Deal."

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